Bossless Office

from by Project Artichoke

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It is about firing the idea of bosses. In every line of work I have been in the people who are on the front line know how their job should be managed. So why have managers? Bullies have to do something after High School. It is perpetuating a structure that is more suited for the military and leads to a culture of consumers instead of citizens. The business model we have now is doomed to failure. The economy will not continue to grow forever for obvious reasons, we have finite resources and the planet can not handle the pollution it causes. Then what will happen? While this question can be laughed away as the plot line of many good Sci-Fi novels it has been a concern since the industrial revolution. I think business managed by the people who work them, small enough in scale so direct democracy and be used for consensus decision making, could be a model that provides some answers. What says you?


Reading Rudolph Rocker like it is intro to business
Drinking with spanky and talking about starting up a syndicate
Learning how to turn big ideas into actions that cause changes in our lives
Sick of singing songs about hating jobs like we have no other options

not as efficient, not as profitable
As treating other people like shit
it may be sloppy, it may be unpredictable
You can keep a sense of self respect

The top down hierarchy will try to keep you down
Keep you down
A horizontal structure could pick it up
Pick it up pick it up
Heartless, economics, Quarterly, profits determine
Our morality, our ecology, our future, if one can be built on top of this
We need to redefine the words work and play, So that they mean the same thing
Using democracy on the workshop floor will create a Bossless Office

Em f# g# f#
Em f# b g# em f# g#
Em b em b g#


from all rights redacted, track released January 30, 2014



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